Decentralized Identity Analogies, Pictures, and Pitfalls

I wrote this up a whle ago when trying to explain decentralized identity concepts to newcomers, which included people who would have to soon communicate these concepts to other people. So a large focus was visuals, analogies, etc, as well as common misconceptions. Unfortunately I lost some beautiful formatting in the doc => markdown conversion, but I’ll try to recover that later, especially if this content is useful.

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Proof of Control

With Decentralized Identity flows, we often use the phrase “proof of control” or “proving control over a credential/identifier”. This post provides a visual description of what that means.

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Verifiable Credentials through Examples

This post aims to provide an extremely informal, no-background-needed introduction to a fundamental[1] decentralized identity concept – the Verifiable Credential (VC) – through pictures, metaphors, and dated pop-cultural references.

  1. The other fundamental concept – Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) – is arguably more elemental, but VCs are significantly more relatable, so we’ll start there. 

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