The Culprit

Kim Hamilton Duffy · January 23, 2022

I’m very behind on the next blog in the series, and it’s important that you know why. It’s our dog, Percy:


He’s adorable but don’t be deceived. He’s distracting, and not just because of his good looks. He makes sounds that are unnatural for a dog – sort of between a sqwak and a braying sound – and this flares up during the time I should be writing.

More seriously – but I’m not exaggerating on the sounds – he’s a very sweet special needs senior doggie we adopted a year ago. We recently found a vet that’s much better for him, but this involves a medication transition time that’s rough on him.

Before you worry about him, don’t. He’s better taken care of than you’ll ever be. He’s got a team of professionals, gets weekly massages, and – soon – near-weekly acupuncture treatments.

My originally-planned next post requires intense focus time, which isn’t happening at the moment, so I’ll polish up some of the easier content. Coming soon!