Conference/Forum Talk Link Date
Dock Identi3 Podcast Decentralized Identity in Finance (with Kim Hamilton Duffy) Jul 2023
The Blockchain Show 238: Centre Consortium / Kim Hamilton Duffy Mar 2023
Converge22 Solving Institutional DeFi with Decentralized Identity Oct 2022
Mainnet Messari The Case for Asset-backed Stablecoins Sept 2022
Crypto Coin Show Interview with Kim Hamilton Duffy, Director of Identity and Standards at Centre / USDC Sept 2022
Brave New Coin Verite - Building open source identity protocols March 2022
The Rubric Podcast did:btcr, the Grandaddy of DIDs Jun 2021
MIT J-WEL Building Interoperable Learner-Centric Credentialing Infrastructure Jun 2021
Vienna Digital Identity Meetup Digital Identity in Education Oct 2020
Ed3.0 Research Network Digital Credentials Consortium Overview May 2020
The EDU Futures Podcast An Interview with Kim Hamilton Duffy May 2020
FIGI Security Clinic 2019 ITU Interview with Kim Hamilton Duffy December 2019
Tykn Interview with Kim Hamilton Duffy October 2019
Paralelní Polis Decentralized Identity Evening September 2019
DWeb Camp Decentralized Identity July 2019
McMaster University The Digital Credential Revolution in Higher Education April 2019
MyData Helskinki Decentralized Identifiers enable self-sovereign identity August 2018
MyData Helskinki Interoperability and Decentralisation: Part I – standards August 2018
Decentralized Web Summit Decentralized Identity Panel August 2018
SSI Meetup “DIDs Demystified” webinar June 2018