• Last few years: Decentralized credentialing + identity solutions and blockchain-based architectures
  • Career: scaleable system design, algorithms, and core library/API design and implementation
  • Life: delighting in the difficult and arcane; math from the cutting room floor; cello

Current Role and Activities

  • Director Identity and Standards, Centre Consortium
    • Building Verite – decentralized identity for Fintech and DeFi
  • Chair, World Economic Forum Digital Identity Technical Working Group
  • Associated Editor IET Blockchain

Recent Activities

Other Highlights

  • Led design and development of the first open source Decentralized Identifier (DID) method based on the Bitcoin blockchain, called the Bitcoin Reference (BTCR) DID method.
  • Co-created Blockcerts with the MIT Media Lab.
    • Blockcerts is an open-source/open-standard method for anchoring Open Badges to blockchains, improving decentralization aspects of badge verification.
  • Formerly CTO of Learning Machine (now Hyland), which built a credentialing product based on Blockcerts.
  • Formerly a developer on the .NET Base Class Libraries team.
    • Owned System.Collections, System.IO, and System.Resources namespaces, which involved creating data structures, API design, bug fixes, etc
    • Drove cross-cutting features including improving cold start performance, improving tricky interface contracts, and solutions for the MAX_PATH limitation
    • Blogged a fair bit on the BCL team blog.
  • Wrote Learning UML 2.0 back in the aughts.
  • B.S. in Mathematics from University of Texas at Austin and an M.S. in Applied Math from Cornell.